Marathon: Training : First Day Completed


After two weeks rest it was great to get out and start my training for the Melbourne Marathon which is to be held in a little less than 13 weeks time.

It is very easy to get over excited on the first day and do too much. Accordingly I decided to just gently ease my way back into it.

GYM: Good solid hour pushing weights and working on my abs ( they need a lot of work).
300 crunches on the exercise ball.
Also did some leg presses. Not much. 3 sets of 20. I do these fairly slowly as I am scared of getting injured. I have not done such for yonks.

RUN: 17 Km in 88 minutes.
Not that easy but held back a bit as I want to beat that time next time I do run this particular route. Generally flat with only a couple of hills. Cold but no rain.Windy.


HEART RATE; Fairly high at one point so it would seem I have a lot of work to do.
Also shows run was far from a walk in the park.
Time was of course very slow but I find that training runs are almost always slower than race pace ( or so I tell myself).


This week I will just turn my legs over. I will race on Saturday on a very hard hilly cross country course….not that keen but it’s all training I suppose.


All replies welcome.

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