Melbourne Marathon : Getting close


It is easy to think that as the Melbourne Marathon is only 12 and a half weeks away that I must really push the training. However this is only the first week of training. Actually it is only the third day. So maybe not too much at this stage.

For the first week of training I am just trying to put a few Kms into my legs and get used to running again.

What I have done this week certainly makes it clear to me that I have a very long road ahead.

DAY 2: An incredibly windy day in Melbourne. Ran 6 Km with Tamami San. Felt hard enough but the wind really knocked us around and we were a minute slower than last time. Nothing to stress about as I did do a solid gym session and run 17 Km the day before.

DAY 3: Today: Ran the same 6 Km, this time by myself. Not so much wind and no rain although it had been raining strongly earlier.
I tried to push the pace and it turned out to be a hard run. Not so much for the speed but perhaps because of my inability to run much faster than a jog.

This was my hardest run for some time ( apart from the last couple of Marathons of course).


Today’s run was the fastest I have run this course.
Not that this is really saying much.
I think I tried today. It felt like it.
Heart Rate was 181 at the finish.

I have a long way to go




All replies welcome.

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