Marathon Training : First week


Only one more day and I will have completed my first week of training for the Melbourne Marathon which is to be held in 12 weeks time tomorrow.

I am in no hurry to push myself straight away and am taking it very easily. Just getting back into some gentle running.


I have been turning my legs over in the last few days:

THURSDAY : 16 Km with Tamami in 1-29. Found this pretty easy.
FRIDAY : Easy 3 Km jog.
SATURDAY : AM : 3 Km. Felt harder than I would have expected.
PM.: 8 Km race. Ran as a pacer over a very hard course. Average pace 6.04.
Going up hills was hard and I am woeful at down hill. But pace fairly easy.
It was a decent run for my current condition.
The infamous killer hill proved very hard regardless of pace.


TOMORROW : Will run an easy 20 Km.

I proceeding in the basis that it is smarter to slowly get back into running rather than have a full out attack. Whether this is the best course if action,time will tell.


All replies welcome.

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