Marathon Training: Week ONE complete


I have given myself 13 weeks to train for the Melbourne Marathon which is to be run mid October.
I have planned on a complete recovery from my last race and made this my main priority.

I am working my way back to running very slowly. Taking it easily to begin with.Not doing too much at this stage. Still 12 weeks till Race day.

Not a great deal done in the first week.But that is the plan.

Yesterday I had an easy run in the morning and a hard race up and down country hills.A bit stiff after the race and this morning. I am terrible at going down hills which hurt my quads. Going up was hard as I have not run up any hills for a while. Overall I pulled up ok I suppose apart from some heal pain.

This morning I had a good run of 20 Km with Julz.


It was certainly cold out this morning and the wind was fierce. But it is only training so really the harsher conditions the better for us.
Pace was ok…nothing fast but not too slow.
Last Km was the fastest so that was great in itself.
Left heal still hurting a bit but pain only adds to the fun.


I did not think I pushed myself although my HR certainly went up which I was a bit surprised at. Still it was 20 Km in terrible conditions so it required a fair bit of effort. Especially as our legs were still stiff and sore after the hill race yesterday.

Plan to do a bit more next week but still not push super hard at this stage.


All replies welcome.

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