MARATHON TRAINING : the second week.


Almost at the end of my second week of training for the Melbourne Marathon on October 18 th.
I have not done a great deal this week. I am still holding to the theory that I should start moderately and slowly build up as I get closer to the race. Tomorrow there will be 11 weeks to go.

My week has gone as follows.

Monday AM Gym 60 minutes …upper body.Abs.
PM Usual 6 Km run. Felt OK despite sore heal.

Tuesday Run with Tamami….about 14 Km.Felt strong.


Wednesday Easy 3 Km in the dark and rain…( out most of the day )

Thursday Gym 60 minutes. Upper body and abs.
Run: 15 minutes on the tread mill….first time for a while.

Friday. Steady run again with Tamami. About 11 Km in slightly over 55 minutes.
Heal still giving me trouble.

Felt a bit tired.


Saturday PARK run race 5 Km. Ran as a pacer in about 4.55 pace which I found easy.
3rd in age group.

PM Gym….57 minutes….upper body and some leg work. A lot of ab work.


I enjoyed the race today and will try and repeat it soon. I want more speed and I want to run long. I will try and get a medium long run into the schedule next week.


All replies welcome.

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