Marathon : ‘ long Sunday Run ‘.


Today completes my second week of training for the Melbourne Marathon.

Being a Sunday the thing to do would logically be to go for a long run.
Unfortunately I found the idea of running alone for hours in the ( sort of) cold,very unappealing.

Even before the 5 Km mark I was not feeling too good. I had my Garmin going but declined to check my times but rather just run at a steady rate until I reached the turn at the 10 Km Mark. Actually I was damn glad to get to the turn where I had a gel. Did not feel that hot.

Checked out my time at 10 Km and saw I had run at 5 min 40 seconds per Km pace. A little disappointed as I felt it was faster. Although in my heart I knew I had struggled on the hills.

AIM was to run home at a faster rate than the first half. Unfortunately as soon as I made the turn I realized I was running into a strong head wind. It also seemed a lot colder.

I tried to push myself over the last 10 Km. I put in what I like to think of as a surge at the 15 Km Mark to past a family of bike riders. Checking later that particular Km was 4.44 which may not sound that fast but certainly made me feel a little sick.

Although not fast I was happy to have run the last 10 Km ( into the wind I add) at 5.11.
Quite pleased with the last Km which was over a couple of steep hills which I ran in 4.50.

Sure it was nothing flash but I certainly felt bad.


I wear a fitbit band which records my heart rate amongst other things. My heart rate was quite high near the end of the run. Probably on one of the last hills.


TODAY showed what a long way I have to go before I can race the Marathon.


All replies welcome.

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