Marathon Training…slowly moving.


I can not say week three of my training was anything special.
Not every week can be wonderful.
10 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon.


AM : Gym. 60 minutes. Upper body.
PM : Short jog

AM : Gym
60 minutes….some leg work as well as usual upper body.
PM : Run : 17 Km.
Very windy.Tried hard. Light shoes.
Ran too soon after going out for lunch.Felt very sick from 14 Km.
Best time on this course by 3 and half minutes.


AM : Nothing…felt sick from yesterday.
PM : 3 Km easy. Left heal very sore. Hard to run.

AM : Drive to beach house.
PM : Run: Hills : 20 minutes : With Tamami.
Heavy rain. Hills very hard. Felt sick again.
Anglesea hills are great to train on but hurt if you are not used to them.

AM : Drive to Melbourne
PM : Easy 3 Km in the dark. Leg sore.

RACE : 5 Km. 23 minutes +
Miserable run. Ran first 3 Km at 4.35 pace but then just found pace too much.
Finished back of field 77 th out of 263.
So different from my usual running which is mostly running slowly at 5 minute plus per Km pace alone around the streets of Malvern.

AM : Ran 20 Km with Julz
Pace moderate. 5.50. But a couple of hard hills near the end. Running suburbs is never easy with roads to cross and people and animals to dodge.
Left heal very sore.
This was a good run for me.
Nice to have company.

PM : Gym : 60 minutes
Upper body. No legs. Worked hard.


So not a great week. I know I have said it before but next week will be better.
I will try to get down to the athletic track and run some short sharp reps.



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