Marathon Training: 10 weeks to go.


With 10 weeks to go until the Melbourne marathon I had a little set back when I cut my heal after trying to modify my running shoes.
But my main problem is a sore heal and back of leg.
But I still have time….

This week’s training so far

AM: Cutting down parts of trees and sawing branches. He is a lumberjack and he is OK.
PM : 11 Km 57 minutes
Did not feel good from the start and even worse at the end. But over all an ok run with Mi Chan with a strong finish.
Cut my heal badly.


AM: Gym. 55 minutes. upper body and abs.
PM : Track. 3x 500 and a couple of shorter sprints….found this hard.
Leg painful. I seem to have very little speed over a short distance.
After second rep felt a bit faint.


AM : Enjoyable run with friend Peter who is probably faster than me.
13 Km at 5.25 pace but with last 5 Kms a lot faster and the last one in 4.42.
Leg still sore hurting each time I hit the ground.

PM : Gym .55 minutes….upper body and pushed some weights with my legs.
Chest sore/ heal still hurting ( limped around Gym!)

THIS SATURDAY….running a leg of an Ekiden for APS United. Down at Anglesea where I have my beach house. Should be interesting.


Despite a few pains I am probably further along than I was this time last year. just have to over come this leg pain and then focus my mind towards getting in some long runs.


All replies welcome.

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