Marathon Training/ Race Report


With 10 weeks to go until the Melbourne Marathon on Wednesday I ran 13 Km at 5.25 pace with friend Peter. I really struggled.
I have a very sore heal which I just can not seem to cure.


The next day ( Thursday ) I was in a lot of pain with my heal. Whilst Tamami who is to start her Marathon training very soon,ran 12 Km, whilst I dragged myself through a slow and untimed 6 Km.
Part on grass which helped a little with the pain.
Thankfully no blood this time.

FRIDAY : A drive down to the beach house at Anglesea in the morning and a run around the block at night in the rain tired me out.Only 10 minutes of running butI finished with a very steep hill which I tried to run hard knowing that the next day’s race had some killer hills to run up.. Felt a bit faint at the top.Leg hurt entire time.

SATURDAY: I was running for my APS club’s Over 50 team in the Athletic Victoria’s annual Ekiden.( A Japanese relay)
My team consisted of Peter,Tamami and myself.
I was running last leg which was the shortest.
Heal was hurting so much I had trouble warming up.


Peter and Tamami running against much younger ( and male) runners did very well and put us ahead of two teams. Tamami was the only women running and Peter at 62 is no spring chicken 🙂

Despite the pain in my leg I started reasonably well and pushed up the first hill in 5.09. It then got steeper and I ran the next Km in 5.47. I seemed to be making some sort of gasping noise as I ran up. Up hills are not in my skill set. ( Not too keen on muddy uneven ground with tree roots sticking out either).

I knew of course that my leg was the shortest so I made some sort of an effort and ran the next Km in 5.14.

My heart rate felt like it was going through the roof.
I thought about heart attacks but then thought that’s kind of negative thinking.


At this stage all the Division runners were flying past me which certainly did make me feel very happy.
I knew a bit of the course and ran the next Km in 4.48.
I have jogged the end of this course but never raced.
Next Km was 4.46. Looking back maybe I could have run faster…but at the time….
Finished at 4.45 pace…ah,it felt faster.

Next day ( Sunday ) I could not really walk.
I caddied for Tamami over 9 holes of golf carrying her bag.
Is there some sort of award for husband of the year? 😉

After driving back to Melbourne I felt pretty ordinary.
I had thoughts of a two hour run but generally felt ill with my foot hurting.
Luckily Julz was up for a short run so we ran 40 minutes together which was mostly enjoyable apart from the pain and the hunger from the small lunch at Anglesea.

SO NOW 9 weeks to go.
MONDAY…..Tamami is starting her training today. I will massage my leg and see if I get out the door….


Bring on the Melbourne Marathon !!


All replies welcome.

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