MARATHON Training goes on.


It is less than 9 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon and I am suffering from a very painful heal….hopefully not Achilles.

I intend to run the Melbourne Marathon ….but at this stage I can barely walk.

I raced for APS United on Saturday over a very hard course at Anglesea.
I averaged 5.08 which I suppose was ok.
My team beat two other teams in the MENS’S Over 50 division which is quite good as our team members were 62,63 years old and Tamami.


I have run every day this week ( well actually I run every day of the year!).
Training is reasonably ok but every step hurts. To some extent running is meant to be fun. Not pain followed by more pain.


Tamami started her Marathon training this day with a solid 20 Km.
My leg was so bad I could not join her at the start but instead met her 7 Km from home. So I ran 14 Km.
About 5.40 pace which felt easy enough but my leg hurt all the time.
I wore old heavy shoes as I could not get my racing shoes on ! 😦

Went to the track and did a very long warm up. I think this helped as I managed a fairly decent 3 x 500m with Julz. Faster than the week before. Solid warm down for once. A good session. Ran in racing shoes which also helped I think.

Met with friend Peter for a 16 Km run.
Back to old heavy shoes unfortunately.
Leg was so sore after the track session and I had to ask Peter to run a bit slower at the start just so I could keep up.
Used my NEW GARMIN…..many features to be explored. Fun times ahead.


Peter is a lot stronger than me and I struggled for a lot of the run.
At 13 Km I felt so bad it seemed Peter would just run away from me.
However I suggested a number of surges. After the third of these I felt Peter was weakening so I had little trouble finishing well.


With the slow start we ran 5.21 pace.Maybe nothing special but this was the fastest I have run this course…so that is a plus. For Training on that course this is a decent pace. Especially with my heal trouble.

NEW GARMIN tells me my cadence was 191. This is ok I believe.
I read in Charlie Spedding’s book that shorter strides are a good thing to employ going up hills …so yesterday I tried this on every hill.Felt ok so I will try again when I am well.

GARMIN also tells me my fastest time for One Km yesterday ( 5.02), 5 Km ( which was 25.52 ) and fastest 10 Km ( 52.81). Interesting I suppose.

This time last year I was running in heavy rain along the side of a Loch in Bonny Scotland. I seem to remember I had a bad cold at the time and could not stop coughing. So maybe ,despite a very painful leg ( have I mentioned that?) I am probably more advanced towards the Marathon than I was in 2014.

Last race of the season…and probably the hardest. Should be fun. 🙂


All replies welcome.

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