Marathon Training: Race report


I have been having a lot of trouble with the heel of my left foot lately and finding it very painful to walk and run.

After a decent run with friend Peter of 16 Km on Wednesday I was in a bad way.

On Thursday and Friday I ran very short.


Today was the final race of the APS cross country season. A very hard 8 Km up some extremely testing hills. As I have run few races this season ( apart from Marathons) I thought I should support my club,Old Scotch,and try to complete this run regardless of the pain.

On the morning of the race I went for an easy training run of about 3 Km and although my leg hurt it was not really that bad.

The race started down hill and I took it very easily at the start as once before I had fallen here. First Km took 5.19 which involved some up hill running over broken ground.Next two Kms took 5.14 and 5.23.
Going up yet another hill I saw up ahead Tamami who had started hard but was finding the hills a little difficult. I ran the next Km in 5.06 and caught her.


Tamami and I ran the second half of the race together and I was pleased that it did not really feel too bad. Next two Kms in 5.18 and 5.07.
The biggest hills in this race are at the end and Tamami who had just started training five days ago, found them very difficult,running them in 5.30 and 5.51.

We finished with an average of 5.20 from my Garmin.
I was only using the race to test my sore heel and was very pleased to find I could run with the pain. Of course running at a fairly slow pace did help.
And of course it was only 8 Km.

Over all a fairly satisfying outing.

Next Sunday I am racing a fun run over much the same course. However that run will be 15 Km. Should prove interesting.



All replies welcome.

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