Marathon Training/gym/plan change


With only 8 weeks till the Melbourne Marathon I am finding it very hard to push on with my heel/ankle hurting me all the time.
I can handle the pain to some extent but each foot fall is now hurting. Time for a re think as to my plans for this Marathon.

THIS WEEK….so far.

After the race on Saturday I took it easy with a short jog.
Went to the gym and worked reasonably hard for a bit over an hour.
Not much excitement.


Tamami just started training last week and wanted to run 25 Km.
My heel was hurting quite a bit but I thought 12.5 Km and 12.5 Km back…how hard could that be?

Unfortunately Tamami had felt the hard hilly race on Saturday and on this Monday morning she had not really recovered.

We got to 17 Km and she ran the next Km in 5.45.
We were getting slower and slower. Up to that stage we had been running at between 5.20 and 5.35.
It looked like the pace would drop even further ! 😦

My leg was so bad that I wondered if I could get home if we ran at this pace. So I ran at my own pace ( about 5.20 ) and manage to finish the 25 Km with the last Km being a struggle in 5.23.


I can easily run 25 Km but with the pain it becomes a slog.
It is often fun in the last few Kms of a long run to push yourself hard. But the end of this run was anything but fun. 😦

Tamami fought on and finished a few minutes after me. A good effort on her part to run 25 Km without stopping only 7 days after starting to train. And on her birthday as well. 🙂

WEIGHT : currently 65.8 kilos….I have chosen a goal weight of 64.4 kilos.
Currently weight is not my main problem.

My leg was so bad I tried an ice bath. This was very painful.
I am not sure it did much good. But I will give it another go but this time only dip my heal into the water….my toes about froze off.The pain was the worst after taking my foot out of the ice !


I went to the running track in the evening and ran about 4 Km warm up which seemed to help with the pain.
I also wore racing flats which I like.
Ran 200,300,400,500. On another day may double this…the old pyramid training.
This went ok despite heel hurting. It is nice to run a bit faster on a track rather than my usual slog around the streets.

Back in the gym. Another hour plus. Pretty boring.
Also got onto the Eliptical machine and did an un eventful 10 minutes. Not sure if this adds anything.


Week up to Wednesday looks good on paper but the thing is my ankle/heel is causing me a great deal of pain.
I think I will try to rest a bit more.
I have entered a race on Sunday. It is only 15 Km but very hilly.
This will be a sort of test. I will just aim to cover the distance with a minimal amount of foot pain….or maybe NO foot pain.

I want to always be positive and also want to run my 14 th Melbourne Marathon in October. But I also want to run well ( for me) and at this stage I can not do that…well I do not THINK I can do that over 42.2 Km.

BOSTON : I have easily qualified ( for 2016) and should I get in I want to run ok in America. If I wreck myself now I may not be able to do that in April.


All replies welcome.

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