Marathon ( non ) Training.


Running on Monday ( 25 Km in about 2-10 ) and on Tuesday at the track ( intervals after long warm up) showed me I can ( for me) run reasonably long and ( again for me) reasonably fast. But every step hurt. It seems I will have to take drastic measures if I am to run the Melbourne Marathon on October 18 th !!

I am having massages and icing my leg.


The rest of this working week as been a total non even regarding training.

WEDNESDAY : Tried going for a jog but after starting the pain was pretty bad so decided my plan would be to rest.
Went to the Gym and pushed weights for over an hour. Mainly upper body and abs but tried some leg presses.( Leg presses felt good but not they help my sore heel)
10 minutes on Ellpitical machine.

THURSDAY : Again tried a jog but again loads of pain so another rest day.
Went to the Gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. Boring plus despite hiking through some canyons in Utah in VR.

FRIDAY : Tried a short jog…maybe a tad less pain. But really no point just jogging super slowly to avoid pain.
Went to the Gym and pushed weights for well over an hour.
No elliptical or leg presses as I am not sure they do not hurt my leg.


I was going to race on Sunday but will skip. Instead I will try another 25 Km.Just cover the distance.

I still have over 7 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon. If I can just overcome this current pain I can still do it.


All replies welcome.

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