MARATHON TRAINING ( on one leg )


Not sure if there is something wrong with my heel or my Achilles. There is pain when my left foot hits the ground. Not good.

With only seven weeks until the Melbourne Marathon I will haveimage to get over this and start doing some running.

This last week I managed a very painful 25 Km run with a fast finish on Monday and some track running on the Tuesday. However the rest of the working week consisted of short jogs, boring sessions on elliptical machine and equally boring sessions pushing weights and doing ab exercises in the gym.
Not a happy camper.


On Saturday I spent yet another hour pushing weights and went for a short painful jog.
SUNDAY : A better day where I ran 24 Km with Julz.
We decided not to Garmin it…too depressing.
Aim was steady running.
Got to 12 Km in 65 minutes and did a U turn. Return 12 Km took 67 minutes which was ok.


I found this run reasonably easy although I notice my HR was up.
Pain was there but perhaps not too bad…maybe.
Not too good afterwards….Tamami said my lips had turned a purple colour ! Went out to lunch and felt very sick…however maybe I was just hungry. 🙂
However although I felt really terrible I did not faint ( or die ) so that is a positive of sorts.


I am not just sitting on the sofa in constant pain.
Every day I have a massage….certainly I can feel this…a different sore of pain.
Taking anti inflam tables….but not every day.
Icing my foot…very very painful.
Self massage with Voltarin.
I have a strange torture device from Japan which shoots electricity into you….I will give that a shot later today.


RACE in SEVEN weeks:
There is still time.
I have some new running sunnies…that should help. 🙂

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