Marathon training : Half Marathon race report


The second half of this week was reasonable enough I suppose. My heel still hurts a lot when I run but I pushed on. I am not sure this is the smartest thing to do.
Massaging and applying ice seem to help to some extent.

Not long until the Melbourne Marathon.


So this is what I did by way of training.

THURSDAY : AM 60 minutes in the gym
PM Run : 6 Km : Not timed.

FRIDAY : AM Drove to Anglesea 130 Km
PM 5 Km including some very steep hills which I found extremely hard.Leg hurt a great deal.

SATURDAY : Easy 3 Km. No time. Wearing racing shoes. Seemed to hit the ground very hard for some reason.

SUNDAY : Athletic Victoria Half Marathon championship.

Ran as a pacer for Julz who ran her second best time of 1-53.
Found the pace very easy apart from the first two Kms done in 4.50 ish pace. I run so slowly these days that even a moderate 4.50 minutes per Km shakes me up to some extent.

Julz ran well and finished strongly. Well on Track for her third Marathon.

Heel hurt all the way but not enough to really effect my running.
The whole run would have been very enjoyable if not for the pain.

Heart rate was very high but I think this was more a result of the pain in my leg than the race pace of 5.22 minutes per Km.


This week I will have to do a long run regardless of how I feel.

What is the old saying ? ” Pain is just weakness leaving the body”


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