MARATHON : Getting close


With just over 5 weeks to go until the Melbourne Marathon I am still suffering from heel/ankle pain which is preventing me from doing much running.

FIRST half of the week and I have really been doing very little.


SUNDAY : I ran a half marathon as a pacer in 1-53. Despite my leg hurting I found this reasonably easy and don’t think it hurt me.

MONDAY : Pretty easy day.
MORNING : Gym 60 minutes. Upper body.
Did some leg presses 3 sets of 20 with 45 kgms. ( 3x20x45)
300 crunches on exercise ball.


Ran 6 Km with Mi chan. Partly on grass.
Leg hurt a lot but second half was run in heavy rain which took my mind off the pain. A fair enough run considering.


MORNING : 63 minutes…upper body
Leg presses : 4x20x45
400 crunches on Exercise ball.

Run: Good 10 Km with Mi chan with very fast ( for me) finish.
Tamami helped me cover the distance.
Leg hurt a lot at the start but a little better near the end perhaps.
No timing….I am too slow to time. 😦

RUN: 6 Kms alone. Lot of pain in the first half but a lot better once I passed half way. A good finish although probably very slow.

Here is a selfie of me looking a little haggard after running.


SO that is the week so far….not exactly Marathon training.
A little depressing in a way.

WEIGHT 67.2 Kgm. I had planned to be under 66 kilos for the race but am if anything gaining weight.

I am having at least one massage a day and sometimes two.
Not every day but occasionally take an anti inflam tablet.
I have been using ice 5 times a day but not sure if that if helping.
Have purchased a heating pad which I use twice a day if not more.
Light stretching but not much.
Heal pads used.
Cut the heel off my shoe.
I self massage with anti inflam gel.


I do not seek greatness…all I want is to be able to run.

ON SUNDAY I will try a 30 Km run. If I can not manage that…..


All replies welcome.

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