MARATHON: Getting closer.


Now it is 5 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon and I have still to do much training. Plus I still have a sore heel and just hope it is not my Achilles Tendon which is causing all the pain.


This last week I dragged myself out the door but it was far from easy.
I got to the gym 3 times and did some leg presses in addition to my stomach crunches and upper body weights.


Here is a short summary of what was done during the week leading up to a ‘ long ‘ run on Sunday.
Not exactly Marathon training but probably better than just sitting on the sofa. ( just better )

MONDAY : Gym 60 minutes / Run 6 Km
TUESDAY : Gym 63 minutes / Run 10 Km
THURSDAY : Run 10 Km
FRIDAY : Gym 75 minutes / Run 6 Km
SATURDAY : 80 minute run.Approx 15 Km.

SUNDAY : Run 27 Km. ( original plan was to run 30 Km)
Ran with Julz starting about 8.30. Sunny and 22 degrees. Certainly felt hot.No shade.

After 13 Km had a drink and decided not to run the planned 30 Km.
Julz found the last 5 Km very hard in the heat and struggled on the hills although she did finish showing great will power.

My left heel hurt all the way and my right ankle also started to hurt with about 9 Km to go. 😦
I tried to push up the hills….if I don’t work hard going up I doubt I could get up at all…the pain gets worse on an incline.


WEIGHT : I now weigh 65.8 Kgm. That’s a bit less than 145 pounds.
Hopefully if I can only start running again I can get this down.


HEART RATE: Seems high during running but I am putting that down to the pain rather than the speed ( not that I have any speed)
At least my Resting Heart Rate is not too bad.Although that too could be lower….maybe if I can go running this week.


SO the MARATHON is almost here. There is very little time to waste.

All replies welcome.

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