MARATHON TRAINING : Too much complaining


Maybe I have been complaining too much about my sore leg and my inability to really run. You would think that talking about my sore leg would constantly be interesting….but maybe not.


Anyway from now on no more complaining. I will draw the pain into myself and deal with it solely by myself.

THIS WEEK….as may be expected I have not really done much.

MONDAY : RUN : 5.5 Km with hard last 1.5 Km. Not timed.

TUESDAY : GYM: 80 minutes pushing weights.This is a long session for me. Did 300 Ball crunches.


RUN : Easy 3 Km. No time. Very slow.

WEDNESDAY : Gym : 70 minutes weights. Pretty boring.400 ball crunches.


RUN : 5.5 Km. Ran hard. Felt sick but consider that a positive.Really tried. Last .5 was run at sub 4 minute pace according to my trusty Garmin.

HOME alone….most of the day again. But Tamami had made me lunch before she left to play golf. Very tasty.


MONDAY : AGM of the Melbourne Spartans. I have run the Melbourne Marathon 13 times….if I can run next month it will be 14 times. If I run again next year it will be 15 times. That means I receive a Special Blue Running Singlet. I want that singlet !


MELBOURNE MARATHON: just over a month away.


All replies welcome.

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