Marathon Race : Time grows short.


Just over 4 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon and I have yet to do any long runs. Tomorrow I will try 30 Km and then maybe later in the week 35 Km.
I need to work on my will power…on my mental toughness.


This weeks again has been one of a few short runs and the odd trip to the gym.

This week
Monday : Run 5.5 Km. Strong finish.
Tuesday : Gym 80 minutes. Run 3 Km easy.
Wednesday : Gym 70 minutes. Run 5.5 Km. Average pace 5.16
Thursday : Run 8 Km 41.28
Friday. : Run 6 Km No time but ran hard.
Saturday : 10km 54.26 Slow first half and faster second half.

My Resting Heart rate has been going down as of late.


TODAY’S RUN…..from my heart rate I seem to have worked hard….certainly felt hard enough on the return journey.
I tried to imagine I was in the last three Km of the Marathon and feeling bad.


I still have time to get myself ready for the Melbourne marathon.
I don’t really need a long taper….what I do need is a healthy body and a strong mind and some long runs.



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