Marathon Training : The long run


After all these years I have come to believe that to run a decent marathon ( meaning up to what you are personally capable of) you really only need two aspects to your training. First speed…what ever speed means to you, that is what you need to acquire. The ability to push yourself over 10 Km at a pace considerably faster than your marathon pace.
Secondly,the ability to run long.
Unless you are at the top of the tree and running with the Kenyans and such, to run a Marathon you don’t have to run very fast at all. Just keep going. Thus the Long Run.

I ran the Gold Coast Marathon in July and was under the impression that the longer runs I did for the Paris Marathon in April would carry me through the Gold Coast Marathon. This was certainly not the way it panned out.
I won a Bronze in my age group but in reality the race was a complete disaster. I just did not have the power in my legs to keep going.

So with all this in mind I tried to run 30 Km with Julz on Sunday. I stopped at 29 Km when I reached the starting point. When I got to 28 Km I knew I was only a Km from my starting point so I ran as hard as I could for that one Km,then called it a day.

My heart rate shows my effort.


So I have done 29 Km. Plan is to try and get a long run in on Thursday and then run 35 Km on Saturday.

As a Long Run I did it I suppose, although with no great skill.
Did not feel that flash after finishing. Tamami said I went very white. I told her you can only die once, so no big deal.


Less than 4 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon. I know I have problems but that is what makes Marathon running so much fun.


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