Melbourne Marathon: Three weeks to go: Struggling


With only three weeks until the Melbourne Marathon things are not looking super flash both on the physical side of things nor on the amount of running I am doing ( or rather not doing.)

SUNDAY: Ran 29 Km. The heat and the hills at the end really got to us and I certainly struggled. Instead of running 30 Km I decided to run the 29 th Km hard and call it a day. My excuse !

MONDAY: Only a short jog followed by 61 minutes of pushing weights.

TUESDAY : I have a good run where I run 8 Km at a reasonable pace then do a U turn and run 8 Km back. The aim is to run the second half faster than the first. An encouraging 16 Km in cold ( 11 degrees) windy conditions with some rain.
Certainly I am not going well but this Tuesday’s run over this course was my fastest.


WEIGHT: 66.0 Kgm. Not perfect but acceptable.

WEDNESDAY: Again just a short jog and 63 minutes in the gym.
Also a lot of ab exercises.

THURSDAY: Run approximately 20 Km around Albert Park Lake at 5.28 pace with a very strong finish. 13 degrees and windy. Heavy running shoes.
I thought about running 25 Km but I was just too weak willed.


FRIDAY : Short jog.

SLEEP: I am struggling getting much sleep. But maybe that is something that comes with age.


SATURDAY: Long run with Julz. 35 Km. Not super fast but Julz kept me honest.
Kicked away in the last 3 Km and finished strongly.
Felt pretty bad afterwards.
I seem to take a long time to recover.
Ate gels at 10 and 20 Km and that probably helped.
Drank water on 3 occasions which I also thought was a good move.


I am certainly struggling and am finding it hard to get the runs in.
I try to avoid negative thoughts but it is not easy to do.
Not really going very well.

Must try and push myself more regardless of how I feel.



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