MELBOURNE MARATHON : still carrying injury


With the Melbourne Marathon in three weeks time I still can not run without a great deal of pain. But on the other hand I have three weeks to get well.

Running 35 Km on Saturday was a great idea as it left the whole of Sunday for eat and relaxation.

Went to the Gym early and pushed weights and did ab exercises for 80 minutes.
May not sound like much but for me that is a fair bit.
I am not going to the gym much and only worked out three times this week.


Tamami off playing golf all day again today so it was lunch at home alone again. I enjoy what she leaves me to eat but I get very hungry during the afternoon.


Legs feeling very tired this morning so I only ran for 3 Kms today. If I was not in so much pain with my heel I probably could have pushed myself through 10 or 15. But maybe a day off was a good idea.
I wore my racing shoes which felt terrible at the start but better near the end.They are very light and hitting the ground as I do is no great fun. 😦

Heart rate very low whilst running. Showing run was very easy.
Resting Heart rate remains constant at 47. Would like to drop it down closer to 40 but not too sure what needs to be done to achieve this. 😦


I think I am in reasonable health apart from my ankle/heel/Achilles troubles which prevent my doing much in the way of running.
My feet are a little banged up but I think that is kind of to be expect when you train for a Marathon ( even if your training is like mine fairly minimal)


Final three weeks until the race.Last chance to get some decent training in.


All replies welcome.

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