Melbourne Marathon : Medical time.


I have decided to see my friendly doctor regarding my sore heel/ankle/ achilles. I have not much faith in him coming up with a magic cure. However it will be something to see if I have some broken bone in my foot.
Anyway I will see him on Thursday morning.

With two weeks and a bit to go until the Melbourne Marathon I can not afford to slack off.

The week so far…

MONDAY : 10 Km with Tamami. I think we ran quite well and at a good pace.Did not time it.


TUESDAY : 6 Km quite fast by myself. Although I did not time it I think I did ok.

WEIGHT : 67.2 Kgm. Not super great but taken late in day when my weight may be up ( excuse).

SLEEP: Not really going that well but not really concerned.


DOCTOR: I have long since learned that I only want to see medicos who are or have been runners. Some doctors suggest you stop running !
My Doctor,Tarquin, whilst not a great runner has managed a 2-32 Marathon.
Should be interesting.

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