Melbourne Marathon : Getting to the starting line.


On the WEDNESDAY of the third last week before the Melbourne Marathon I managed a solid 60 minutes of pushing weights in the gym followed by a good 10 Km run. Sounds good but I was in a fair bit of pain whilst out of the road.

Something has to be done.

Accordingly I went to see my friendly medico.


Seems as if I have not broken a bone nor have heel spurs.
Probably an age/over use injury to a tendon.
My leg hits the ground in an odd way….Orthotics called for.Get these after the Marathon.
He also suggested taking an anti inflam tablet the day before a run as they take a while to act.
Also ice after running.
Don’t change my stretching routine up to the Marathon.

All said and done fairly encouraging.

THURSDAY : Ran 3km fairly easily.

FRIDAY : 20 Km with Julz. Reasonably warm and sunny conditions.
Last 5 Km being the fastest.Overall Average was well under her race pace.
True, my leg hurt all the way but overall a decent enough run and one I was pleased with.
Julz pushed the pace down to 5.20 minutes per Km near the end which showed she had a lot of strength left.


WEIGHT: 66.1 Kgm. After eating a banana!!.

Still hurts to run but it is only pain.



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