Melbourne Marathon : Battling on. ( Full version of post )


Less than two weeks until the Melbourne Marathon and I am still having trouble with my ankle/tendon/heel. However I have managed a few runs by way of training.

Ran 35 Km a few days with Julz before Friday , so today’s aim was 20 Kms at (Julz’s)race pace.
Despite me struggling with a sore leg run went well. 5.47 pace may not sound all that fast but we had to slow for roads and dodge dogs and prams and coffee drinkers on the pavement.
Julz almost dropped me off at 19 Km by running a 5.20 Km. Almost.


An hour in the gym and a short jog.
Pretty easy day although a bit of walking from tram to stadium. 😉

With my leg hurting quite a bit I decided to make today’s run one where I could work on my Will power.Something I have little of.:-(
I have a regular out and back 20 Km run over a hilly course to the Holmesglen Garden Centre ( 10 out and 10 back).

My plan was to run with no water stops,no gels,no stops at all and also no Garmin ( thinking my slow pace would just depress me)


When I got to about the 7 Km mark I was not feeling too flash. It was just after midday and about 25 degrees. Not super hot but felt hot to me. Especially after having few runs in the sun as of late.
I thought at the time how weak I am to feel bad after just 7 Km.Did not bode well for the Marathon.

However despite all the negative thinking I managed to push myself to the turn and after that I felt slightly better. I still struggled going up the hills and going down I was woeful.

After about 15 Km I could see that I probably would not die.:-) So I ran hard for the next 4 Km.
At 19 Km I over took another runner ( actually the only runner I saw all day)who turned out to be a 69 year old ex marathon runner making a comeback. I jogged at his pace up the next two hills ( good excuse to slow).

I had no watch on the run but felt it went ok.
Although 20 Km is a far cry from the needed 42.2 Km. 😦

WEIGHT 65.8 Kgm. Slowly going down.Slowly.

MONDAY: BEACH DAY: Just a short jog down at the beach house. Bit of walking in the water in the Hope my leg would appreciate.


TUESDAY: SUPER HOT DAY : 35 degrees.
Did not feel that happy with my lot so just pushed weights at the gym for an hour or so and then had a short jog.
Worked hard on my abs as I am still carrying too much weight there. ;-(


LESS THAN TWO WEEKS to go……time to forget about aches and pains and put some Kms into my legs.

Despite not doing much my Resting HR has not really gone up.

It is meant to be cooler tomorrow in Melbourne. Time to run.


All replies welcome.

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