Melbourne Marathon : two weeks to go.


The Melbourne Marathon is just over a week away.
My training has not really been up to much.
My sore ankle/heel/achilles tendon still troubles me greatly.

In summary this is what my week has consisted of so far.

Sunday : Hard 20 Km in the heat.
Monday : Easy Jog
Tuesday : Solid Gym session plus short jog.
Wednesday : 5.5 Km run. Struggled. 😦
Thursday : Long Gym session and easy run of 3km in racing shoes.

GYM: I have been going two or three times a week for a few months now. I work on my upper body and abs.
I have now suspended my membership until I come back from Japan just before Christmas.


I am not really concerning myself about my weight and some days don’t even step on the scales.
Picked 66kgm as a racing weight ( I knew 64 kilos was just a dream)
My weight varies from 67 to 65.8. So not too bad.
True ( at best)I am 5 pounds heavier than when I left school in 69. But I think if I can just get well and run a few hills I can get that off.

Not really that good but my friendly medico told me that resting is almost as good. I have managed the odd 5 hours but not last night.


Still undecided if I should wear my heavily padded heavy training shoes which I have modified by cutting bits out of. OR my light weight racing shoes.
Pros and Cons for both.
BUT….that is a story for another night.



All replies welcome.

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