Melbourne Marathon : last few days


One week to go until the Melbourne Marathon.
I have pretty much given up trying to overcome the pain in my heel/achilles. I will just try and run through the pain.


I didn’t do a great deal in the last three days of the week.Maybe that is a good thing.

FRIDAY: 7.5 Km at 5.10 pace.Ran in the middle of the day with the temperature 27 degrees. This is faster than my marathon pace and overall it was a good enough run.Found the hills a little hard and also the downhills I handled badly. I did not look at my Garmin as I ran and just ran as I felt.


SATURDAY: An easy 3 Km with Tamami.

SUNDAY: Steady 10 Km with Julz. A bit more pain than I wanted but overall I fairly good run for one week before the Marathon.


I am feeling ok apart from the difficulty in running.
I am sleeping more than 4 hours a night and my weight is just under 67 kilos.
My Heart Rate seems ok.


ONE WEEK UNTIL Melbourne Marathon.


All replies welcome.

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