Melbourne Marathon : Taper Time


With less than a week to go until the Melbourne Marathon it is traditionally time to taper.
In the past I have never been a great fan of tapering.I felt running normally for the first few days of the final week and easing off in the last couple of days was sufficient.


HOWEVER.This time around I plan to take it very easy. I have already suspended my gym membership so there is no pushing weights.
Plus I am hoping the pain in my leg will lessen to some extent if I cut down on my running.

TODAY : Monday : just a short jog.


With all the hassles I have had my aim for this year’s Melbourne Marathon is just to finish it. Hopefully with a bit of style.
Part of my game plan is to try and ignore my leg pain and just keep pushing forward.


I think I have the ability to handle the distance ( it will be my 4 th marathon this year). But I just have to summon the Will Power to overcome the down parts of the race.


All replies welcome.

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