Melbourne Marathon : The Taper


I am tapering for the final week before the Melbourne Marathon which I will race on Sunday.
Unfortunately I have a very painful heel and possibly achilles which makes running difficult.
This easy taper week will I hope give me just that extra bit of energy to complete the course.

MY TAPER so far
Sunday : Steady 10 Km with Julz
Monday : very short jog
Tuesday : Easy 3 Km with Tamami.
Wednesday :6 Km alone at a good pace.

Today ( Wednesday) was quite hot when I ran.


I ran quite well today despite the heat but by the last Km my achilles’ tendon was given a great deal of pain. I wore my old training shoes and will probably race with them on Sunday although I would rather my light weight racing shoes if I was not in so much pain.

WEIGHT: My last weigh in….66.5 Kgm. Acceptable.


My resting HR is now 46.
I felt I tried reasonably hard today and was pleased to see my maximum HR was for me quite low.


THURSDAY: I plan to run an easy 3 Km.
I don’t think anything I do now will help me. I just want to keep up the running sequence.

Not long now.


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