MARATHON REPORT : Melbourne Marathon


Prior to Sunday I had run the Melbourne Marathon 13 times.I am a Member of the Melbourne Spartans Club which consists of runners who have completed the Melbourne Marathon 10 or more times. When you have qualified as a Spartan you wear a green singlet. However as you progress with the number of completed races you are entitled to a different coloured singlet.
If you run the Melbourne Marathon 15 times you are entitled to a BLUE singlet. I WANT a blue singlet !!

I have been doing some training and gym work leading up to Sunday’s race. I felt strong and fit. However I have a very sore heel which makes running very painful. I was not sure I could race and finish. And finishing was really my only aim.
Accordingly I decided to run as a pacer for Julz in her second Melbourne Marathon.

Julia’s plan was to run at an even pace of 6 minutes a Km which would get her home in around 4-10.
We train at around 5.30-5-50 so this did not seem to big an Ask.

FIRST 10 km :
We started well and easily ran the first 10 km in 58 minutes. Bit faster than planned but Julz looked very strong and we both found the pace seemingly very slow. At this stage it was just like a training run only slower.

10-20 km continued much the same with all kms apart from number 20 under 6 minutes.
Julia looked good but the 20th Km was 6.12 which did not bode well with 22 km to go.

HALF WAY….about 2-03.
Julia still looked good but maybe not as good as one could have hoped at this stage and at this pace.
My leg was hurting a lot and I was certainly glad I wore my heavy training shoes rather than my light weight racers.

20-38 km Julia really struggled and the aim changed to one of just finishing.

Julia rallied and ran strongly to the finish. A great effort as she was really struggling.
We got onto the MCG and sprinted past a few other runners.


Although the over all time was not that flash Julia and I both finished.

I have now run the Melbourne Marathon 14 times….next year I am entitled to a BLUE singlet. So despite the pain of running with a bad leg the overall event from my point of view was a success.

At the start it was great but maybe by the end the sun was out and it got a little hot.
See painting of us finishing.


NEXT: I have gained admittance to the BOSTON Marathon.I hope I can get well by then.
I have applied for BERLIN. I am thinking that Chicago could also be a lark.:-)


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