MARATHON : The art of the Recovery.


I have run 4 marathons this year ( Tokyo,Paris,Gold Coast,Melbourne ). After the first three I pretty much had to get back into training ASAP in anticipation of the next race. However after Melbourne I am going to do it differently.

Some people say recover one day for each Km run ( 42 days) whilst others say one day for every mile ( 26 days). Whilst others just train the day after the Marathon.
Who is to say what is correct ? I think everyone is different and what works for some may not suit others.
ANYWAY this is what I am doing…

I went into the Melbourne Marathon with a sore heel and came out of it with a Very sore heel and maybe Achilles’ tendon trouble. I also have a lot of pain in my right hamstring which adds to my woes.
BUT I was still glad I finished the Melbourne Marathon…my 14th Melbourne.
See Painting of finish. 🙂


My next Marathon is BOSTON in April. So there is no real hurry to get back in action. However I want to run so I am working at getting well.


Monday -Thursday Very short jogs each day.
Friday ( went to Japan ) : short jog/ 15 minutes on exercise bike/weights( seated upper body)
Saturday : Longer jog but still short/ 30 minutes on exercise bike.
Weight 68.2 kgm/ HR 45 / BP 134/76
Sunday : 5 km with Mi chan. 24.14 ( felt faster )
40 push ups….started again….


PAIN : I experience a lot of pain walking and running. Also painful to sit for long periods.

I am doing a little running but not much.

MONDAY : Ran 5 km with Mi chan. 24.00. ( felt I wanted to run faster)
Push ups 100.
TUESDAY: ran 38.19 with Mi chan to Forrest.Started well but a lot of pain at the end.
Weight 67.0 Kgm

WEDNESDAY: AM: push ups 40. Stomach Crunches 250 ( started again)
Started stretching

My aim is to overcome this pain in my heel and fix my hamstring problem.
I believe I am getting better….hopefully I am not just kidding myself.



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