It has now been two weeks since I ran the Melbourne Marathon.
I am taking it very slowly recovery wise. I ran the Marathon with pain in my heel and Achilles’ tendon.I am still suffering pain.

I do not want to simply do nothing but still I am taking it very easy.

PLAN is to ease myself slowly back into running and at the same time try to overcome the pain in my foot.

Even though I am not doing much exercise I am tying to get my weight down. Not easy in Japan where there are so many very nice things to eat.


MONDAY : 5 km in approx. 24 minutes. Weight 68.2 Kgm
TUESDAY: 38 minute run. Weight 67.0 Kgm
WEDNESDAY : Short jog…Exercise Bike 30 minutes. weight 66.7 Kgm
THURSDAY : Short jog. Gym..weights 30 minutes.
FRIDAY : 60 minute run with road stops. Weight 66.0 Kgm
SATURDAY : Approx 5 km run
SUNDAY : Two Forrest run…66.22. Ran hard.Longest run since the Melbourne Marathon.


I have started doing push ups and stomach crunches again. I usually manage about 100 push ups a day and 250 stomach crunches.
When running today I felt pain in my stomach when running up the hills…maybe the stomach crunches are being felt by my stomach fat.:-)

I am checking my Blood Pressure…currently 124 over 74 which whilst not ideal could well be worse.

My resting heart rate is 47. Again not great but does show that my recovery is coming along.

Next week I will take it easy and run no more than once a day.

Aim is to recover….I have plenty of time to get well before The Boston Marathon in April.



All replies welcome.

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