MARATHON recovery : Week 3: Slow recovery.


I am now in Tokyo and enjoying some fantastic weather. However I am still struggling with various physical complaints which makes running hard.


My left heel causes me a great deal pain and my right quad is so sore at times that I can barely walk. However strangely when I do run my quad gives me no trouble. πŸ™‚

I am ( surprisingly ) trying to play it smart and just ease back into running very very slowly.

Running the Melbourne Marathon seems to have hurt me a bit.
I am taking a very long time to get well. 😦

MY recovery Week so far:

Sunday. : Run 66 minutes with Mi Chan. Strong finish.

Monday : Short jog and Gym session with weights.

Tuesday : Run 71 minutes with Mi chan. Stopped after an hour to massage foot. 😦 Weight 66.1 Kgm.

Wednesday : Short jog and Gym session with weights. Blood Pressure 117 over 75. Lowest in living memory. πŸ™‚ Resting HR 44.( This was also OK as I took in gym after a day walking the streets of Tokyo).
Also 500 stomach crunches and 120 push ups. Nice easy day which my body appreciated.

Thursday : Ran with My Tokyo running club at night around the Palace together with a Spanish Ultra runner who is in Japan to promote harmony between Spain and Japan by running around earthquake damaged cities.
Seemed a very nice guy. Spanish Embassy officials came out to see him run with the Namban Horde.


Each lap of the Palace is 5 km.
I did not time it but for the first lap I ran with the leaders who all seemed younger and taller and thinner than me! I really felt the pace but was happy to do it.
Second lap I eased back and ran with the Spanish guy and Mi chan at a much more moderate pace. ( My excuse )

I was happy enough with the run. certainly a lot faster than my recent rather pathetic plods around the Secret Forests of Shinagawa.
Heel hurt all the way but my HR showed I was putting in some sort of an effort,so not slacking off.


WEEK END…to come

Going to Japanese Alps with Mi Chan’s relatives.
Last year I almost died trying to run up a mountain in the dark hoping to make the snow line.
Tomorrow I will give it another shot and hopefully do a bit better….well not get lost in the dark at least. Also maybe wear a hat as my head really hurt in the cold last time.


So it seems I am in a bad way. Not super concerned as I have a long time until Boston.
I am still alive I suppose so that is a plus in the scheme of things. πŸ™‚

BOSTON MARATHON: April 18 th 2016
Plan is to start training on January 4 th. That will give me about 15 weeks to get ready. But first I have to get well.


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