Marathon Recovery : Slow going.


Three weeks after the Melbourne Marathon and I am still finding running very hard. The inside of my left foot continues to give me a great deal of pain when I run.


This is what I have been doing the last few days.

Last year I ran up a mountain in the Japanese Mountains and almost died in the dark due to the intense cold. This year the weather was milder but I found the first hill which was about two Kms far too hard. Felt really really bad.
Feeling ok by the end but whole run was barely 40 minutes.
Not very encouraging.

SUNDAY : Only a short jog. Hoping that doing less may help me in some way.Not sure much help.

MONDAY: Awful run for just on an hour. Felt humidity and dark and rain good excuses to complain. 😦
Foot so bad I had to stop.:-(
Strong finish but pain made whole outing pretty miserable.:-(


Weight 66.5 Kgm.
This is not too bad as I ate a lot over the week end away.

Another easy day.
Went to the gym and pushed weights.
Short jog.


Blood Pressure 116/72
Heart Rate 42
No problems here. πŸ™‚

TOMORROW : I will attempt to go to training with my Japanese Running club and do some faster running.

I am getting very frustrated with my physical condition.:-(
It is easy to say ” run through the pain “. But actually doing this out on the road is another kettle of fish !


All replies welcome.

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