RUNNING: Trying to get back to it.


After the Melbourne Marathon over a month ago I am trying to get back to running.However I am finding this increasingly difficult. First I have a very sore heel which prevents me from pushing off my left foot. And secondly I am running the Boston Marathon in April. My plan is to start training January 4 th. Possibly I am lacking in motivation.Maybe I am just lazy.

For the LAST WEEK I have been trying to run. But maybe I am lazy or maybe just the pain of running is stopping me.

This is what I have done last 7 days.

WEDNESDAY : Ran with my Tokyo Running club. In the dark and on paths with about 60 team mates.

2000 x 2…..1000 x 1….500 x 2 I ran about 9.30 for the 2km and 4.20 for the one km. I am slow I know. Being on a path I did not know did not help. ( excuse)

THURSDAY : Ran 5 km with Mi chan. Leg very sore. Strong finish. New training shoes.

OUT to dinner Thursday night. See Photo. Lots of nice things to eat.

FRIDAY : Ran 5 km with Mi Chan. Leg hurt. Weight 67.6 Kgm !! ( Use big night out as an excuse). Did a couple of surges near the end. If I can sense the finish I can to some extent ignore the pain in my leg.

SATURDAY:Gym and short jog. BP117/79 ( very good for me ) HR 46. Good enough session.

SUNDAY: Went to our house in Chiba and ran some hills. Really really hard. Felt very ill. Walked down part as too steep to even jog. Leg hurt. 42 minutes actual running. I thought I may die….but that is just be wimpy.


Tamami said I was white then I turned yellow….lovely !

MONDAY: Chiba house. Shorter run….starting with 12 minutes down hill which I felt was a lot easier….then ran up hill for 12 minutes which I found very hard….but I did it….total running time 24.06 More pain in leg. This can be a nice run in happier circumstances.

TUESDAY : Back in Tokyo. Gym plus short run. Weight 66.3 Kgm which is better.Blood pressure 125/83 ( good for me ).Heart Rate 42. Again good for me as I was feeling a bit ill for most of the day. Set of 300 stomach crunches….probably a bit much but I was feeling a little down so I needed something to add to the flavor of the day. 🙂 Plus some push ups which were fun.


TOMORROW is club running….but it is said it will be raining…..I hate running on paths and am not too keep to run in the dark either. Rain will pretty much wipe this off. Maybe I have just lost the will power. 😦










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