BOSTON MARATHON : Training plan.


My plan for the Boston Marathon is to begin training on January 4 th 2016. This will give me 15 weeks of training; or if you wish,14 weeks plus a taper week. I don’t think I want to train for much longer than this but do aim to go into the training fairly fit.

I have been in Chicago for the last 12 days and although I did some running in reality I just concentrated on doing the tourist thing.

UNFORTUNATELY I still have a lot of pain in my heel/foot. I have been unable to shake this off but as I said Training does not start until the new year.

Whilst away from Japan I worked out as follows.

Thursday 19 th. AM ran 63 minutes. Weight 66.2 kilos. PM  Flight to USA.

Friday/Saturday/ Sunday. Short jogs each day and lots and lots of walking ( although admittedly I scoff at walking as a form of exercise 🙂 )

Monday : Gym : Weights,Exercise Bike 45 minutes,lots of crunches,short jog. Stacking on the weight probably.

imageTuesday: Another short jog in the snow!!

Wednesday : Gym: Bike 60 minutes,weights,stomach crunches,short jog.


Thursday : Short jog ( minus 4 degrees!!)

Friday : Gym: Tread mill 30 minutes,Bike 30 minutes,weights, crunches.

imageSaturday : Run along paths next to the Lake…60 minutes….very cold….did I say very cold?

I pushed myself on this run as my heel/foot was really hurting me. Very very windy….it IS called The Windy City after all.About 2 degrees but wind factor made it colder…maybe shorts were not that great an idea….other runners ( not many) had tights…Afterwards I had a ‘ coffee’ at Starbucks ( I am SO weak sometimes)

imageSunday:  Up very early and went to gym: Bike 30 minutes,weights,lots of stomach crunches,short jog. PM : Flight to Japan

Monday : Back in Japan…short jog ( probably USA time was 4 AM ). Tired.

WEIGHT  on arriving back in Japan…66.8 Kgm. I gained 600 grams….this what happens when you eat things like food and hang out at Starbucks 😦

Tuesday : Ran around the canals in Tokyo with Mi chan. Bit less than 5 Km. Leg hurt a great deal.Felt a bit sick.

imageSo although I had a fantastic trip and a lifetime experience I pretty much just sat around and enjoyed myself in Chicago ( I did walk 40,000 steps according to my fitbit one day).

I have entered a HALF MARATHON for this Sunday but probably will not run unless I can walk a bit without pain.

Leg/foot/heal  certainly still a pain. BUT I will be back in Australia by the end of this year and maybe go and see my friendly medico. UNTIL THEN



All replies welcome.

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