My plan for the Boston Marathon in Mid April is to start training on January 4 th. However I want to do some exercise before I start running again.

Unfortunately I have been unable to shake off a persistent pain in my left foot. This plus the fact that I really lack a lot of motivation at this stage makes life pretty empty training wise. ­čśŽ

Since my last blog post I have done almost nothing. The last three days as follows….

Thursday :

Ran for 45 minutes with Tamami San. Pain was always there but it could have been worse.

Friday :

tread mill…30 minutes. Blood pressure 117/71 which for me is excellent. HR 52. Pretty ordinary. I am not that good on tread mill but I can see it could be a good training aid.

Saturday :Joined my Namban Rengo Tokyo Running club team mates and ran some hill sprints. 8 hills with jog down.Each hill about 300m. Took it fairly easily but could feel my complete lack of bounce in my  every step.


┬áSaturday afternoon….just too lazy to go out on the roads by myself so again into the gym for weights.Also

did 250 stomach crunches. BP 124/67. HR 51.

RACE: I am entered in a Half Marathon race for tomorrow. BUT I will not compete as every step hurts. Tamami San is racing  the Half Marathon tomorrow so I may run the last 7 km with her. Pretty sad it has come to this.


Above…..Tamami San and good friend Mutsumi San.

Although I am far from 100 per cent now I am still confident that I can start running again on my planned date of January 4 th 2016




2 thoughts on “BOSTON MARATHON :Pretraining.

  1. Pain is definitely the enemy. Have you seen an orthopedist about it? Of course, it would be best to address the underlying cause. However, failing that, some sort of management for the pain might help you get your heart back in the game.

    • Thanks…..yes when I get back to Melbourne I will see someone. Maybe it is something internal like a ruptured tendon and or a broken bone. I do massage in all manner of anti pain gels and that sort of helps for a while. I am pretty must resting till January 4 th so hopefully will be well by then.

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