Next week I go back to Australia after two months in Japan ( and an 11 day side trip to Chicago.)

When I was in Australia I thought all my pain would leave me once I got to Tokyo. Now I am thinking ( hoping) that all my pain will disappear once I get to Melbourne. We shall see.

I am not doing much running but the last few days I have at least got out the door. My training such as it is…..

SUNDAY: Tamami ran a half Marathon and I went with her as a pacer. A walk to the station,two train rides and a very long walk to the start pretty much finished me. Pain in my foot was perhaps a little less although maybe I was just kidding myself. My average pace per km was 5.06 which is pretty sad ( although I did slow on a couple of occasions and even stopped once so Tamami could catch up). Still I am not too disappointed….I just can’t push off with my left leg….once I am over this……


WEIGHT: 66.7 kilos which is ok as this was after  a lunch of coffee and a bun !!!

MONDAY :Short jog: Gym…weights and crunches.

Blood pressure 122/75 :Heart Rate 47

TUESDAY : Wrapped a km of tape around my ankle and ran the streets of Tokyo for just under an hour with Tamami. This was an OK run although I did  once stop at traffic lights to massage my foot. After starting again I felt a little better and ran the last three Kms fairly well ( for me).


Still carrying some extra weight but once back in Australia I can work this off ( I hope)

WEDNESDAY : Morning: Gym….weights and stretches and lots of stomach crunches.

Blood Pressure 115/86. Heart Rate 41. These are reasonable figures for me.

I tried to work really hard in the gym this morning to make up for the fact that I am not doing much running these days.


My foot still hurts but not all the time. I am still hopeful of being able to start training on January 4 th. I think I am getting better.

TONIGHT  : I will join my Namban Rengo ( Japanese running club) team mates for some sprint training. Running in the dark around a park ( the track is under construction until April !!) is not really my cup of sake.  Still I will give it a shot.



All replies welcome.

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