MARATHON training: In the cold.


I have always believed that I should wear just running shorts and a singlet or Tee Shirt when I go running. In fact I think it is not really a true race if  I wear a Tee shirt. Racing is to be done in a singlet. The weather should be completely ignored ( although in saying this it is true that I have never run in temperature less than minus 2 )….HOWEVER…..however I am changing my view on this….

WEDNESDAY : My Tokyo Running club holds track training every Wednesday evening at at 7.30 at Oda Field in Tokyo. Currently the track is being renovated and is closed until April ( it takes so long?!). Accordingly we all go and run in the park. (In the cold and dark I add)

Tamami and I arrived far too early and were the only ones at the starting point at 6.35. I wore my usual shorts and Tee shirt. Tamami wore shorts but had a long sleeved Tee on and gloves.

When we all got together ( 40-50 of us) I noticed Tamami and I  were the ONLY ones wearing shorts and  that almost everyone else had coats and  gloves and hats. It was 9 degrees so not really cold as in Cold with a capital letter. Wimps I thought.

Program was 2000×1, 1000×3 and 500×2. Usual sort of thing. Run on paths in the park….dark but lights now and then.

I had set my Garmin for ‘ laps ‘ of 250m so I pretty much knew how far I had run and had to run. Running in the dark on paths makes it a little hard to know exactly how far I had run and had left to run. With my Garmin telling me I had 250 to go  I ran down a slim young women who was moving nicely ( as opposed to me who plods along). She looked about 23 so that made her 40 years younger than me…aaah…

Not super fast ( I am never super fast ) but I did make an effort to kick the pace down near the end….my HR kind of shows this.


Actually this is Sunday’s HR but idea is the same….

Next was 1000 and I was feeling good despite the pain in my heel which is always there these days. HOWEVER as soon as I started I felt a sharp pain in my upper thigh. Normally I would run through this but I  thought that after all this hassle with my injured foot I did not want another serious injury, so I stopped.

I then walked  about 4 km with a good friend….she was dressed like she was climbing Everest….and was it ever cold. My whole body was shaking by the end.

SO….so I have purchased some tights….I thought I would never do so…..but there in the Shinagawa Railway Station they were on sale so I took the plunge and crossed to the dark side !! 😦 I own a pair of tights !!!! My name is Jon and I own tights !

THURSDAY : Gym in the morning….really worked hard especially on my stomach….there are so many nice things here in Tokyo to eat. Blood Pressure  125/76. Heart Rate 48. Not so hot but ok I suppose.


AFTERNOON: Did 30 minutes on the tread mill wearing my new tights….I must say my legs did feel warmer… maybe this is the way to go. I will take them out on the road soon….really I will.


So as we approach the week end I am not really sure where I am running wise. Hopefully  when I am in Australia next week I can get my act into gear and start pushing myself a bit.




All replies welcome.

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