The pain in my heel which I have had since July is starting to get to me and I am beginning to think I may be injured. Maybe the plan to run it out or just suck it up and run anyway is not the way to go.


My plan is to start training on January 4 th giving myself  15 weeks of running before the Boston Marathon. However I don’t want to start with an injury. Accordingly I plan to take the next week off and really work hard to get well.

To add to my woes I seem to have strained/pulled a muscle in my right upper inside thigh (!). I am thinking that running in the cold on Thursday evening or exercises in the gym or new shoes with orthotics may have caused this.

Tamami thinks I complain to much as I limp along the street in pain. Maybe she is right. I will try to work towards recovery within myself from now on. What’s that old saying ” If it is to be,it’s up to me ” ? I will keep my efforts to get well to myself.



EXERCISE as of late…I have been little or nothing…apart from the gym of course.


THURSDAY : Gym : Weights. Treadmill 30 minutes (wore tights for the first time in my life!): Crunches 250. BP 125/76 OK . HR 48 ( awful).

FRIDAY AM: Gym…weights. 250 Crunches.BP 129/94. HR 50 ( shocking)

FRIDAY PM : Gym…weights. 250 Crunches. BP125/85. HR 53 ( so BAD)….short jog.

SATURDAY : Ran my usual canal path 5 km ( probably short). Wore tights for the first time in my life outside ! Felt really bad. Thigh pain terrible. 23minutes 50. ( Actually for this course not that shabby ). Time was ok but I did think of stopping on one occasion….but Tamami was out all day so the idea of walking back alone to an empty apartment was a strong incentive to keep going. Misery loves company 😉

This photo is before I set out….


WEIGHT : 68.0 Kgm  ( not good but what can I expect?!!) 😦

SUNDAY: AM: Exercise Bike…30 minutes. Crunches 250 BP153/83 Not so good. HR 41 …well that at least is more like it.

My heel hurt a great deal. I massaged for a long while with anti inflam cream but with only minimal results.



SUNDAY AFTERNOON…..plan to go back to the gym. I will not run today….except for a short jog.


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