Marathon: Pre-Training


Plan is start training for the Boston Marathon ( April 18th 2016 ) in a week. However I am still suffering from pain in my left heel/ankle/tendon which I can not seem to shake off.

I rested for a week doing little more than push weights in My Tokyo Gym and go for very short jogs. This may have helped…a bit…maybe??? Really don’t know.


THIS WEEK: I am now back In Australia and back to my Melbourne Gym. So I have stepped up the training to a small degree although I have still not run even a medium length run. I am also massaging my leg twice a day( at least ) and taking an Aspro clear at breakfast each day. Also stretching my calves….helping?


SUNDAY :GYM 60 minutes upper body weights.RUN 3km,slow.


MONDAY: RUN 5.5 km. No Time. WEIGHT 67.8 kilo Blood Pressure (BP) 139/83. HeartRate ( HR) 51

TUESDAY: GYM 61 minutes. RUN 3km ( slow and heavy legs). Weight 67.7 Kgm. BP152/90  😦 HR 48. Gym is ok in a way but a little lonely. I speak to no one and just drive to the gym,do it and drive home. 😦


WEDNESDAY: RUN 3 km  Felt very slow BP 137/82 HR 48

THURSDAY: RUN 3 km ( 34 degrees….HOT). BP 137/87 HR 48  Heel still hurts when it hit the ground which is not so good. 😦

FRIDAY: CHRISTMAS DAY : RUN 5.5 km.( 31 degrees…felt very hot). Weight 67.3 Kgm. BP 133/76 HR 47 Weight was taken in the morning. After eating food for lunch probably a lot heavier.

SATURDAY : GYM 55 minutes. Elliptical Machine 20 minutes. Run 5.5 km…felt a bit better than usual. Weight 67.4 Kgm I suppose I should be happy not to have stacked on too much weight after Christmas eating !!


SO…things could be worse….


TODAY is Sunday….feeling a little bit down. Will go to the gym and push some weights and do more elliptical this morning. In the afternoon I will try for a longer run. 🙂







All replies welcome.

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