BOSTON : Getting ready


January 1st 2016. My aim is to start training for the Boston Marathon on January 4 th.

For some time now I have suffered from a very sore ankle/heel/tendon which has stopped me form doing much exercise.However I am getting to the stage where I will pretty much have to ignore the pain and just run.

LAST  SEVEN DAYS: Here is what I have been doing ‘ exercise’ wise. I have started using the elliptical machine at the gym. It is extremely boring but gets me moving a little bit. Decades ago I could easily do an hour but now I lack the Will power.

SATURDAY: Day after Christmas. Weight 67.4 Kgm which for me is not too bad. GYM: 50 Minutes upper body weights….ELLIPTICAL 20 minutes ( boring). RUN : 5.5km

SUNDAY:Weight 66.8 :GYM : 41 minutes of weights. ELLIPTICAL 30 minutes RUN: 8 km.

MONDAY : Weight 67.2 Kgm. GYM :35 minutes upper body weights…ELLIPTICAL 40 minutes. RUN 4.5 km ( ran hard )


TUESDAY : Weight  67.4 Kgm. GYM 54 minutes upper body weights. Elliptical 30 minutes. RUN :3km ( New Shoes…to be used at Boston!)

WEDNESDAY : Gym 71 minutes of Upper Body…for me this is a long session ! RUN 3 km in racing shoes…35 degrees….pushed it as hard as I could and ignored the heat.


THURSDAY: Early morning race with Julz at The Tan. 4 km 21.40. Good effort in her part but felt like a walk. Still it was great to get out. Weight at End of Year: 66.9 Kgm.

FRIDAY: Gym 60 minutes. Elliptical 3 km…could not face more….took me about 17 minutes. Day not over yet….


I have been thinking of getting Orthodics. But I read that it may be a good idea to buy some store ones before getting some made especially for one’s self.Any way I purchased something that the good and wise Dr Scholl has invented and will give them a trial spin this afternoon. Fingers crossed.

I think my ankle/leg/ whatever is getting a little better. That may just be in my mind but I suppose that is what matters. We shall see on Monday when I take my first run.



All replies welcome.

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