BOSTON marathon Training Begins


My plan has always been to start training for the Boston Marathon on January 4 th. That day is now today. So it’s time to stop talking and actually get off the sofa and do something .

I have my new insoles…so I am ready. 🙂


Even though I am still far from being 100% I have done some pre training….The last three days have unfolded as follows:

Friday : Gym: 60 minutes pushing weights. Elliptical : 3 km fairly hard…took about 17 minutes. RUN : 6 Km using new ‘ orthotics ‘.Weight 66.8 Kilos. Blood Pressure 144/83. Heart Rate 45.

My Heart Rate in going down….so that is something.


Saturday : RUN 6 km. A few hills.28 degrees. Weight 67.3 😦 BP 118/83 HR 46 Terribly unfit.

Still hurts when I run but not so much when I am sitting around doing nothing.


Sunday : Gym: 62 minutes pushing weights and ab exercises. RUN:  6 km :New shoes plus Orthos. Pain but nothing I can not handle.


Monday Morning ( today) : Gym : 60 minutes of weights and ab exercises and stretches. Very boring. I drive to the gym ( too lazy to run there) and push the weights and do the exercises. I speak to no one and then drive home to an empty house.

There must be something else to life. 😦



All replies welcome.

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