BOSTON: First Race.


I have now been training for Boston for four days now. None of the days have been easy  as I still have pain when I run. Not good. However last night I went to the Track and raced with the East Burwood Masters. That was ok in a way.

FIRST WEEK: Plan is to ease myself into my Boston training so after a solid gym session and a run of 8 km on the first day I decided to have an easy second day:

TUESDAY: Plan was to run easily for just 4 km. However I ran the third Km too fast and then ran the 4 th Km very hard. Felt sick afterwards.  I pretty much messed this run up. Heel sore from first step.Temperature was only 20 degrees but humidity was 73% which is not for me ! Weight 67.6 km ( also not good ).

I have never taken water at the gym but now have a brand new water bottle that filters the water in some way. So I am one of those gym rats who walks around with a bottle it seems. 🙂


WEDNESDAY : As I lack will power I decided to do 30 minutes on the elliptical machine at the gym before doing my weights. If I push weights for an hour I am inclined to skip the Elliptical. So Elliptical done and then weights. OK if somewhat boring. 

Smiling but really feeling pretty ordinary.


RUN : only 8 km but first 4 km with Tamami San and then pushed the last 4 km. Time 40.57. 😦   Again I felt bad after finishing. Temperature 26 degrees but humidity 57% which should have suited me? Blood pressure 118/81 Heart Rate 45 Weight 66.7 Kgm. Apart from the leg pain I think the reason I feel so bad is because I run just before dinner and am feeling so hungry when I start out. I should become a morning runner…..hmmmm.

THURSDAY : RUN: only 5.5 Km but put in some surges near the end. OK I suppose but leg still hurt a lot. Temperature 21 Humidity 53%. Weight 66.5 km. Even so short a distance makes me feel bad…although that today was probably caused by the hard last km. Plus again I was hungry.

Both looking half dead after run today.


MEDITATION : I meditated again today. My third time. It have a long way to go to get much out of this I think.

THURSDAY : After running fairly hard in the late afternoon I was not feeling so good but wanted to start racing at the track with the Masters. 

RACE: I wore my ultra light racing shoes which felt great until I actually got onto the track. My racing flats offered no protection to my heel and I certainly felt every step. I was hoping that the track would have some bounce but it was not to be. Or maybe it is just the clomping way I run. On the plus side I went through the first km in 4.19 which felt like a walk….so that was at least one positive. BUT  with two laps to go I stopped and waited for Tamami to catch up and ran to the finish with her.  Were finished 2 nd and 3rd with the standard being very low so soon after Christmas.Certainly the field will get faster…but so will I ( well I hope to !).

Two spikes. Training run and race just afterwards.


FRIDAY ( today ) Tamami has again left early to play golf so it’s the gym for me.





2 thoughts on “BOSTON: First Race.

  1. Jon, I just started following your blog. With that said, I don’t know the background behind the leg pain or how much you train. Not to be critical but, so early in the training and with your injury, it sounds like you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. Slow start in training so that you can get to the end goal. Keep your head up and remember that the goal is Boston, not a local track race. You’ll get there brother!

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