FIRST week of training is now complete.


I took the first week fairly easily.I still have trouble running as my heel/Achilles still hurts. But for a ‘ first week ‘ I think it was ok. IN SUMMARY for the first seven days:

RUNNING : 7 runs…total 45 km.

ELLIPTICAL machine : 4 sessions…( 30-40 minutes )

RACE : One ( masters track race…finished second 😦   )

GYM : 4 sessions ( 60 minutes plus of upper body )

HILL Running…one session…6 ‘sprints’ up a short sharp hill.

Meditation: 3 times ( is this training?)

WEIGHT : Start of week 67.1 Kgm…..end of week 67.3 Kgm 😦


LAST two days…..just two runs….one elliptical session and one weights session….PLAN is to take is easily but this is perhaps a bit too much. 😦

YESTERDAY I ran up a very very steep hill down at Anglesea. I have not done this hill for 15 years ….a fun exercise. Ran with Tamami which helped me as I needed someone to call an ambulance if I had a heart attack. 


After running up the hill felt close to death.


So now there  are 14 weeks until the Boston Marathon. 🙂

I have a lot of work ahead of me.

First step is to be able to walk without too much difficulty and then slowly slowly increase my running. Oh and to drop some weight….I have set my Fitbit band for a target weight of 65 Kilos….so every day it tells me I am over weight.







All replies welcome.

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