Second week of training for the Boston Marathon is almost complete. The weather and my continual sore foot has contributed to a fairly lackluster week so far. Not that is really much of an excuse.  I really have not got into it yet….just over 13 weeks to go…..I need to get out and do some running not sit around making endless excuses. 😦

Last few days as follows :

TUESDAY : Morning…6 km on the elliptical machine at the gym.i try and do the distance on the machine as quickly as I can.Not sure what benefit it has but better than sitting home alone.

Afternoon: 9 km run. First 4 km with Tamami and then ran a bit harder and pushed myself up some hills. Felt really bad with 3 km to go. My heart rate went to 191 which for me is high. Temperature 27 degrees. Weight 67.7 Kgm 😦


WEDNESDAY : Morning….gym…pushed weights…included some leg pushes. 65 minutes. This was a hard session as I knew run that afternoon would not be much with the temp being so hot.

Afternoon : Ran hard for 15 minutes in 44 degree heat. Tough conditions but really short run so no big deal. More concerned about pain in foot than a bit of sun.

Weight 68.0 Kgm….gets worse 😦


THURSDAY : Afternoon….Ran 6 km with Tamami at good pace.Foot hurt a lot but it was an ok run.


Evening: Raced with Masters on the track. Finished first so better than last week. Still very very slow. 😦 I wore my heavy training shoes rather than my usual racing flats as it hurt too much when my light heel hit the track. 😦


FRIDAY : Morning: GYM: 65 minutes pushing weights…tried to increase the weigh lifted  by a small amount. ELLIPTICAL: 3 km as hard as I could. BIKE: 10 km as hard as I could.( Exercise bike that is)


So on it goes…..I need to get out and run.







All replies welcome.

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