Melbourne Marathon: Training begins.


I am following a Marathon Training Program prepared for me by Marathon Runner(2-09) Pat Carroll.

So far I have almost completed the first three weeks of the schedule.

Here is what I have done for the first two weeks.


aimage M

Monday  4 th July

Pat ( PC) says Rest Day after running Gold Coast Half Marathon the day before. I ran an easy 40 minutes on the sand at Surfers Paradise.

Weight 67.0 kilos….Resting Heart Rate (RHR) 48

Tuesday: PC  50minutes : Traveling …3 km in rain at night.RHR47

Wednesday: PC 60 minutes: Ran 60 minutes. GYM: 45 minutes. RHR 48

Thursday : PC 50 minutes: Ran 50.04 RHR 47

Friday/Saturday 60minutes and 50 minutes: Ran 3km each day. PLUS hard one hour gym session.Upperbody and abs.

Sunday PC 2 hours : Ran 1-50 First half hard. RHR 47 I think I handled this quite well although slower second half may have helped.


Monday 11 th July: PC Rest or 40 minutes. Ran 40.09 RHR48 Weight 67.0 Blood pressure 128/86

Tuesday PC 5x 1 min plus 8x 30 seconds with equal jog between. Ran 3 x 1 and 4 x 30 sec. Very Heavy Rain. Gym 65 minutes.Plus 10 chin ups.

Wednesday PC One hour. ran 60.03 RHR 49

Thursday : PCI 15 x 30 seconds with 30 second jog between. Ran 8 x 30 seconds. Felt sick. Gym 65 minutes…hard. Weight 67.3 Kilos. RHR 48.

Friday : PC 40 minutes. Ran 39.58. RHR 47

Saturday PC 30 minutes. Ran 6 km with Garmin. 5.11/5.21/5.01/5.05/4.54/4.26 Solid training for me. Weight 67.0 Kilos. RHR 47

Sunday…10 km race but did not do and ran easy 11 km with Spartan club and living legend Bruce Fordyce. RHR 47


I still have a very sore leg/ankle/ heel but at this stage I can cope with the pain and am trying to pretty much follow Pat’s schedule.


I am happy with my progress so far.




All replies welcome.

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