Week 4 Marathon Training


I  have now completed week four of the training schedule set out by Queensland Marat. Champion,Pat Carroll. That leaves me 11 weeks until the Melbourne Marathon.

still have a sore heel/ankle which makes running a little painful. But I now have ORTHODICS  which I hope will help at least a bit. Taking it easy with them and just wearing them in very slowly.


Monday: Pat’s schedule said ” rest ” so I pretty much rested. In the morning I ran 3 km with my new ORTHODICS.Went ok. In the afternoon I had an 80 minute session in the gym.For me this was quite hard. Mainly upper body and abs but I did do some less presses which I certainly felt.


Tuesday : Schedule said. 4,3,2,1 minute efforts with 30 second jog between. Ran my usual 3 K m in orthodics.I tried to follow the schedule but felt sick after first 4 minutes which I probably ran too fast.Did another 4 reps of lesser time. Ran 3 km warm up and about 2 km warm down. Not a good day.Heel hurt a lot.

Wednesday : schedule said 70 minutes. Legs felt sore in the morning so did nothing. In the afternoon I ran my old 8 km course. Felt sick at 8 km. Not good if I want to run 42.2 km. Did a U turn and ran back. Total 16 km. 85.24. I am sure I used to do this in 82 a few years ago,although can’t find diary entry.  Ran the last Km hard  into the wind and felt a bit sick but not too bad.

Thursday : Schedule said 50 minutes. Ran 3km in orthodics. feeling ok if slow. Ran 50 minutes in the afternoon wearing my trail running shoes. Felt ok although very very slow.Do not like these shoes.

Friday : Schedule 30 minutes. Just ran 15 minutes as race tomorrowSaturday : Ran 3 km in orthodics in the morning. OK but heel hurt a lot.

RACE : a few years ago I ran this race and fell cutting my head open and breaking a few ribs. So I am a little afraid of a repeat. People calling out to me ” don’t fall” do not really help. I generally ran very very slowly although the last km was on the road and I ran that in 4.47. Certainly don’t think my clumpy old trail shoes made me any faster…in fact they felt heavy and stiff.  But on the other hand I did not end up in hospital this time so that is a plus.


Sunday: Schedule said a long run of 2 hours 20 minutes. After slogging up and down hills in the mud and slush on Saturday I lacked the will power to get out. Ran another 3 km in my orthodics. I will reschedule the long run.

So that was week 4. I know I am not going very well but am confident I can push myself harder as the weeks go by.


All replies welcome.

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