Marathon: Ten weeks to go.


I am following Pat Carroll’s coaching plan leading up to the Melbourne Marathon on October 16 th. I still have a very sore ankle which makes things hard but not impossible. My latest week’s training was a struggle but finished reasonably well.

MONDAY : Plan: Rest day. I ran to the gym wearing my new orthotics.3.5km. Gym session for 60 minutes working on upper body and also doing some leg presses.Ran home from gym. Total 7 km. Easy running.


TUESDAY: Plan 6 x 500 timed. Ran 3 km warm up. Ran 6×500 along bike path. 2-05,1.59,1.57,1.59,2.00,1.54. Jogged home. Felt good to get out of my usual slow plod.

WEDNESDAY : Plan 80 minutes. Ran 8 km  in heavy rain in the morning wearing orthotics. Felt a bit sick..Disappointingly slow. 43.09 😦 In the afternoon changed to my racing flats and ran 6 km in 27.24. Not super fast but ok for me.


THURSDAY : Plan 50 minutes. Ran 50.02 wearing orthotics. Found this hard.Leg hurt a lot. Weight 66.2 kilos. Hopefully I can lose a couple of Kgms before the race.

FRIDAY : Plan 4 x 1000. Most of day concerned with selling office building. Ran 6 km.Could not get to track to do reps.


SATURDAY : Plan 50 minutes. I drove to the gym and pushed weights for 75 minutes. Felt a bit ill. Only short jog as long run planed for Sunday. Foot was again hurting quite a bit but am getting used to this.

SUNDAY : Plan 2 hours 40 minute run. Ran with two friends one of whom doing his first Marathon. Ran at his pace 5.40. This felt ok although dodging people,bikes and dogs did not help running. With two km to go I left him and ran the last two Kms alone in 5.10 and 5.04. Total running time 2 hours 27 minutes.

So although I did not follow  Pat’s plan to the letter I was fairly happy. Run on Sunday ( just over 26 km ) was encouraging.

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