9 Weeks till Marathon !


Not long until the Melbourne Marathon. I am ( trying) to follow a Marathon Training Schedule set out for me by Marathon runner Pat Carroll. I still suffer from a sore ankle/heel which takes a lot of the joy out of running.

I will ignore all pain.


My weeks training is as follows. I have noted first what Pat says I should do and what I have actually done.

Monday: Pat says today is a rest day. Despite the pain in my foot I did not feel too bad so ran 10 km with Mi Chan. I did not time it. Probably ran the last few Kms too fast.

TUESDAY: Pat says 15 hill sprints. I warmed up with about 2 km of jogging and then ran 15 hill sprints. Felt a bit ill after the first 10. Heart rate went through the roof,but that is expected.

WEDNESDAY : Pat says 1 hour 30. I ran 1-45 with some hard hills.Did not measure the distance. Stopped for some road crossing which did not help. Felt fairly bad afterwards but no big deal.Took a fair while to recover.I was reasonably happy.Did not take any gels or water .


THURSDAY : Pat says 50 minutes but legs very  sore so  I ran about 3 km then tried some down hill running of which I am very bad at. Ankle hurt the whole time. I really am exceptionally bad running down any sort of hill. Even if my foot did not hurt I would still be bad downhill! 😦

FRIDAY: Pat said 30 minutes. Ran 30 minutes. Probably ran a bit too fast. Took a while to recover. Felt sick but I think that was just from lack of food. Must not run so late in the day.

SATURDAY : RACE DAY: Ran an easy 3 km in the morning. Ran a very hilly club run of about 8 km in the afternoon.Took it very easy at the start and pushed a little at the end. Far from easy but an OK run. I could have run a lot faster but as Pat says ‘ Marathon is the aim’

SUNDAY : Pat says ‘ long run ‘ but I was out at club function the night before and of course the Olympics were on….then I went to the Football ( we lost!!!) and then  immediately raced to the airport to catch a flight to Surfers Paradise where I own an apartment. Lots of excuses. Got a short run in of course but nothing to blog about.

OVERALL…a fair week if not great. Staying up late every night watching the Olympics probably did not help me. I saw my Doctor who gave me a referral to a Heart Specialist. Still in two minds deciding if I should make an appointment.I do not want to hear negative advice. I have orthotics and although I do not do much running wearing them I use everyday and I think…maybe…they are helping me a little with my constant heel pain.

WEIGHT ETC: My weight is 66.3 Kgms….not really great but I can certainly reduce over the next two months. My Resting Heart Rate is 46. Blood Pressure is 136/92. Again not perfect but not on death’s door ( I hope).

NEXT  WEEK: I will spend some time in sunny Queensland and hopefully run along the beach. 🙂





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